When human beings ask “Why?”, we always ask the question from the perspective of a specific worldview. That worldview immediately places us on one of two divergent paths. Our minds are instantly influenced by that immediate fork in the road.

What’s the fork you ask? Well, the fork is whether or not we believe that reality (as we perceive it) is the result of a long series of random events or is the product of intelligent design.

Each path leading from this fork has essential implications – implications that are accepted to a large extent on the basis of faith. By faith, I mean that both forks are missing some empirical evidence. Travelers down either fork must leap across those gaps, believing that when the evidence is finally in, such evidence will reveal the wisdom of their choice. It should be clear that these two paths are mutually exclusive – they cannot both be correct.

What is at risk here? At risk is both the quality and quantity of life itself.  First, making the wrong choice may mean we live without coming close to our human potential. Second, we may discover, after it is too late, that earthly life was our one and only opportunity to find another life – one that extends across eternity. The risk is that we might not only waste one short lifetime but completely miss out on an infinitely long lifetime. Two thousand years ago, a Jewish rabbi named Yeshua spoke these words, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

So, choose well my friend!