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Why FetchIt?

Why? Because it is fast, simple to use and FREE!

Use for what? Use FetchIt to keep track of anything you think you may want to find again – fast. Think of FetchIt as the ultimate Bullet Journaling tool. Not familiar with bullet journals? Read this PDF on the topic.

Who can really benefit from FetchIt? Let’s start with students, writers, reporters, programmers, editors, home owners, researchers, front office staff, accountants, librarians, chemists, managers, technicians – and everyone else.

Think we are kidding? A recent Pocket article stated the following:
“Decades of studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between writing (particularly journaling) and health. Take, for example, the many studies of psychologist James Pennebaker at the University of Texas. In one, he asked half of his participants to write 20 minutes a day, three days in a row. That’s it. Even months later, those who journaled were much happier than those in the control group. As New York Mag once reported, “in the months after the writing sessions, they had lower blood pressure, improved immune function, and fewer visits to the doctor. They also reported better relationships, improved memory, and more success at work.”
“Research has also suggested that writing things down improves immune cell activity and reduces antibody counts for people with viruses like Epstein-Barr and AIDS. Journaling could also improve memory and help you sleep, according to some studies.”

Yes, I tend to favor paper systems (I know, I’m “old school”), but once I tried FetchIt, there was no turning back. Posting an entry is SO easy and finding the entry later, is lightning fast. You see, that’s the limitation with paper systems – no help searching large numbers of entries and applying tags is a nightmare! Not only does FetchIt accept text pasted from anywhere, but it will quickly locate your entry, even years later – with half a dozen different search options.

if you’ve seen the FetchIt 2020 YouTube tutorials, you know what I’m talking about.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download it and take it for a spin – NOW, before you get any OLDER!

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